Marine Art


Dubai International Boat Show 2018 will be the first official exhibition with our partner company Crystal Caviar and World of Yachts. On this prestigious show we will exhibit the pieces from our artists in special gallery called Marine Art gallery. Here will be mainly displayed Bohemian crystal sculptures inspired by the sea life. Sculptures from our artists adds Mr. Mattar Bin Lahej, famous UAE artist with his sculpture called Rolls Royce and also yacht designer Peder Eidsgaard with his crystal yacht sculpture.

In Marine Art gallery, which will be one of the largest exhibition space on the show, you can see pieces from Mr. Vlastimil Beranek, Mr. Jan Frydrych, who presents his new finished chronometer made in collaboration with Thomas Mercer company, Mr. Jaroslav Prošek and Dr. Najat Makki, who presents her new crystal painting.